O’Malley “surprised” to be betting underdog

Sean O’Malley “Surprised” To Be Underdog

Sean O’Malley “Surprised” To Be Underdog

Sean O’Malley, a rising star at bantamweight in the UFC, is full of confidence as he prepares to face one of the most lethal competitors in the division. Only a few weeks out from their battle, O’Malley and former bantamweight champion Petr Yan are scheduled to square off at UFC 280 in Abu Dhabi. 

During the interview with Helen Yee, he said that those who are expecting a one-sided win for Petr Yan are just “casuals”

“I think if you asked the smartest guys, the best fighters in the world, ‘What do you guys think?’ They’re like, ‘God, I don’t know. It’s a tough one!’ But if you ask the casuals it’s like, ‘Oh, Petr is going to smoke him. He’s a 3-1 underdog or whatever.’

I’m a little surprised but also I kind of get it from other people’s perspectives. But I believe I’m better than Petr Yan, and I believe I’m going to go out there and beat his ass, so I guess I am kind of surprised.”


Sean O’Malley was explaining that lots of high-level fighters view him as an elite contender. Only the “casuals” are distracted by his exciting fight style and his social media presence. 

He said: “ “Like I said about the high-level fighters when they talk about me vs. Petr, I think high-level fighters see that I’m a legit motherf*****.

I’m not just fancy and do this crazy s***. I have legitimate skills. So it was really cool. Hearing something like that from Khabib, he’s one of the GOATs, so it was really cool.”

Sugar Sean O’Malley is promising everyone that he will deliver “best performance ever” at UFC280 in Abu Dhabi. He also said that he can’t wait to fight Petr Yan. 

 I wish I was in Abu Dhabi right now, I wish it was fight week! I wish I was fighting in five days. I’m so excited for this opportunity. I believe Petr will bring the best out of me. I thought Pedro Munhoz was going to. People talk about that fight, was blah, blah, blah. He didn’t hit me once. It wasn’t going his way, let’s just say that. But I do think Petr will bring the best out of me and it’s going to be an exciting fight.” 

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